I’ll drink to that

This year, Shrove Tuesday involved two bottles of wine, heart 80’s and a hangover the next day.  It was a day to celebrate something I suppose.  I’ll drink to that is becoming one of my most used phrases apart from ‘what the fuck is happening’.  I think my check liver light is going to come on any day now.

Monday – I drink because it’s Monday and no one likes Monday.

Tuesday – I drink because I got through Monday

Wednesday – Feel like I am halfway through the week and my kids are still alive, clean and fed so I’ll drink to that.

Thursday – It’s Friday eve so that justifies a drink

Friday – It’s the start of the weekend and I deserve to drink because I have got through the week without stabbing someone in the eye with a fork

Saturday – Explains itself!

Sunday – The day of rest and drink makes me restful and tomorrow is Monday and Monday’s are shit so I’ll drink to that.

Funny how you treat outside wounds by rubbing alcohol and inside wounds by drinking alcohol. 


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