The Conversation

11th February 2022

Had the conversation with my other half about not being happy and wanting more.  Turns out, he is neither happy but neither isn’t fussed about wanting more in life.  This has always been the case really, I want to move, go out more, have sex more, dance more and maybe who knows, climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  He doesn’t.  I am not getting much out of him other than we have drifted apart and live like best friends.  I had to start dinner for the kids so it was left there. It was quite a relief to find out he isn’t happy either.  At least we are on the same page going forward.  We have both agreed we are like best friends.  We are going to be the Poundland Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow who consciously uncouple and holiday in the Costa Del Sol together, not Malibu or LA and maybe even invite future partners who knows!

I am Alice and I am 44. I wanted to share my journey, thoughts, every day life with troubles and with you. You may laugh, find me boring or have no opinion on what I write whatsoever. I just thought this might be quite cathartic for me through a rocky stage of life.

Any advice is welcome.

#separation #advice

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