A broken heart but not fatal

Today I am like a tap, tears keep coming and coming.  I know this is what I want and the right thing but I am terrified.  I can just about hold my life together with a part time job let alone a full time one with three children and mounds of washing and ironing.  I know there are women out there that do this without complaining and I admire them greatly I really do but I just know I am going to struggle.  I keep crying because everywhere in the house I see photos of us all together and we look so happy and I cannot believe this is really happening.  When is the best time to tell the children?  Should you actually be there when they leave with their belongings or is it best to be out with the children? Does this make it easier? I have visions of the two youngest ones gripping onto his ankles crying and it is freaking me out.  I just know I am going to be the bad cop in all of this.  I would go as far as to say Evil Cop, even though he said he wasn’t happy either and has done nothing to try and save our marriage.  I need a plaster for my heart, the kids are going to need a gauze, bandages and stitches. 

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